diamond core drilling by coretek

Our Diamond Core Drilling Service

Diamond drilling, which comes under the umbrella of core drilling, utilises a rotary drill with a diamond drill bit added to enable accurate clean holes that are between 8mm to 1500mm. This technique enables structural integrity to be kept and allows for either horizontal or vertical drilling.

Diamond drilling is most commonly used to drill into concrete however they have the capability with a range of different materials such as tile, stone, metal and glass. There are no limitations on the size of project that diamond drilling could pose useful however it is important that it is done properly. Coretek are specialists in this area, working on basic building projects to delicate civil engineering sites.

Assignments that require high accuracy and little disruption will find diamond drilling very beneficial. Compared to conventional drilling diamond drilling is executed with minimal noise disruption. Space can often be a concern on many projects however diamond drilling offers the advantage of being highly portable and does not require a lot of room to maneuver. Causing very little dust in the work area diamond drilling is proving a popular choice.

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diamond core drilling by coretek
diamond core drilling by coretek
diamond core drilling by coretek
diamond core drilling by coretek

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