diamond core drilling by coretek

Our Stitch Drilling Service

Diamond drilling is a technique widely adopted for drilling faster and more accurately through a variety of materials. There are many advantages to diamond drilling however one major disadvantage is the limitations of the size of the drill bits that can be used; with a maximum capability of 1500mm it can prove very difficult to drill anything bigger. In order to overcome this significant obstacle the process of stitch drilling can be adopted where an opening of any size or shape can be created. Stitch drilling is often used in scenarios where a space is too cramped for other techniques of cutting. This method will allow for large holes to be cut in small areas in a range of strong materials which include metal and concrete.

Diamond drilling can also be done underwater therefore stitch drilling can become a necessity in certain sites such as a water treatment facility. For sites that require a cleaner working area, such as a hospital, stitch drilling using a diamond drill is often the selected method as it will produce no dust.

Of course it is imperative that stitch drilling is undertaken by high trained operatives which is what Coretek are specialists in so do not hesitate to get in touch today.

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diamond core drilling by coretek
diamond core drilling by coretek
diamond core drilling by coretek
diamond core drilling by coretek

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