road sawing by coretek

Our Floor and Road Sawing Service

Floor sawing is an ideal method for quickly cutting external horizontal surfaces whilst producing a clean edge on roads and pavements. This technique allows experts such as Coretek to cut through reinforced concrete or asphalt to depths of 700mm in a timely and efficient manner.

Floor sawing can also be used for loop cutting and for removing defective concrete whilst ensuring low levels of vibration and allow a dust free environment. The floor saw can be pushed by operator or more commonly is a self propelled unit which is powered by a diesel or petrol engine. A floor saw does not require any setting up time and has its own power unit making it a very speedy solution.

Coretek is also a specialist in cutting internal floor slabs with depths of up to 600mm thick which is most commonly achieved in sites where speed and consideration of environment is paramount such as factories, hospitals and supermarkets. Using self-propelled joint cutting saws Coretek can also cut expansion joints of up to 50mm wide efficiently and within a very quick timescale.

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floor sawing by coretek
floor sawing by coretek
road sawing by coretek
road sawing by coretek

Why Choose Coretek


Extremely reliable and trustworthy with incredible feedback from previous clients.


30 years experience in drilling, cutting and sawing.


We adhere to our own strict H&S procedures as well as the project manager’s own guidelines.


A wide variety of drilling, cutting and sawing services available for jobs of any size.

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